If the goal of your website is to make money here are some ideas.

Sales of Digital/Virtual Products

You can sell eBooks, video tutorials, access to an online tool.

Sales of Products

You can sell physical products online.

Sales of Offline Services

You can use your website to sell services you perform offline.

Generation and Sales of Leads

You can generate leads for yourself or you can generate leads and sell these leads to businesses. If you do this, you want to make sure that your privacy policy includes terms to let your visitors know that when they opt in their information will be shared.

Affiliate Programs

You can sell other people's products and services (virtual and physical) and collect commissions when someone clicks through your link to buy these products and services.

Membership Website

You can set up a membership website and provide continual products and/or services for recurring revenue. If you don't want to set one of these up yourself, there are even affiliate programs that pay recurring commissions when you refer members.

Ads on Your Website

You can put ads on your website and get paid per thousand ad views, when someone clicks on an ad, or by some other metric. Depending on your niche, some niches ad revenue is higher than others, it may take a lot of website traffic to make decent money.


You can add a donate button to your website. You can ask for one time or recurring donations.

Others Crypto Mining on Your Website

JSE Coin is a new type of crypto currency mining that takes place on your website where website users opt in to mining crypto coins for you while they are on your website.